Create Changing Room Scene by Unity

Today, Gamemakerlab will guide how to create changing room Scene by Unity. It is not difficult as same as you know

 create changing room scene by Unity

In this tutorial, Gamemakerlab will divide 6 parts to guide.

It makes learner can understand easily including:

  Part 1: Creating project in the Unity
  Part 2: Creating image in the Hierarchy window  
  Part 3: solving problems when image is changed
  Part 4: Import resource into Project
  Part 5: Changing Source Image in Unity
  Part 6:Changing Scene in Unity

After finish this Tutorial, we have about basic knowledge including:
  -How to create, move and resize an image How to import an image into the game.
  -Switching between Scenes in the game to create different scenarios

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us or comment as below. Gamemakerlab will recheck and give you answer as soon as possible