How to write Script Gamemaker for beginners

Click on Gamemaker script icon to create a new function

Name the script as PrintHelloWorld

This function/script PrintHelloWorld() will print the text "Hello World" to the game screen. (This is the first script tutorials for new gamemaker beginners who want to use scripts to do something with the games)

Inside the Gamemaker Script Editor write this line of code in order to let the script/function PrintHelloWorld() will print the "Hello World" Text.

draw_text(x,y"Hello World!");

script gamemaker beginners

To test this PrintHelloWorld() function we have to create a new object obj_Draw. We need to add Draw Event, Inside Draw Event we will Add Action Code and place this line below to this Action Code


Then Save and create a new room and place this object obj_Draw to room. Run the game to see the text "Hello World!" printed on the game screen. 

To study about more advance gamemaker scripts/functions go to this tutorial - How to create a Calculator Script GameMaker 

To study about how to add param with the scripts/function go to this tutorial - How to create a Script/Function Gamemaker with Param

John Williams

i am beginning to write Script Gamemaker. Thank you for your lesson

5/9/2016 3:17:29 AM
Harrison Thomas

do hope that you will have more and more lesson like that

5/9/2016 3:19:11 AM
Oliver Brown

it's really simple, useful. i read many your tutorial gamemakers.

5/9/2016 9:44:40 AM
Billy smart

Really interesting post am gonna implement all of it right away

5/18/2016 3:49:14 AM

before i read your tutorial i have thought that it's really difficult to write Script Gamemaker for beginners. However, it's so easy if i follow up step by step which was written by you. thank you so much.

5/24/2016 3:22:55 AM