Learning Gamemaker with Gamemakerlab

Currently, having a lot of sources to learn Gamemaker Studio, users spend more time on determining channels or websites to learn effectively. At the result, Gamemaker Lab wants to create a great resource which provide knowledge and guide carefully how to make a game easily. Fortunately, this is a huge wealth of information and tutorials available. So, Users can access below link to get more information:

Link: http://gamemakerlab.com/

Both beginners and who are learning Gamemaker Studio can use this website to get knowledge and improve skills. Besides that users will learn to program in GameMaker Studio's scripting language, GameMaker Language (GML) and build game by Gamemaker Studio or Unity program. On gamemaker lab, the created team divided many parts including: Gamemaker, Unity, Gamemaker HTML5, Game Dev  Lab and Blog. To sharing information efficiently, each part will be added many tutorials and real game which was built following Gamemakerlab’s tutorials.

According to purpose of Gamemakerlab, it is easy to learn about Gamemaker or Unity. All of lessons will be arranged increasing levels. So, users can find suitable tutorials which are matching user’s ability.

On the other hand, Gamemakerlab has added source code on tutorials to help users when they cannot build game following guides.  Users can copy and build their game. After that users have to review and make it again by themselves.

In addition, Gamemaker Lab will be updated new information as soon as possible through effective working of the developer team. Users will be attracted by these tutorials which have a lot of useful knowledge.  Besides that registration to become a members of Gamemakerlab is necessary, users will be received a notification when having a new information. When members have any question related tutorials or games, users will contact or leave comments, messages. After that Gamemakerlab team will recheck and feedback immediately.

As you know, on 11/3/2016, YOYOGAMES had published the version 2 of Gamemaker Studio. Still now,this is the best version to build game by Gamemaker Studio program. Almost users who have used both versions said that having the significant change in the new version. However, according to the preliminary research on the internet, having a few tutorials guided to creating game by it.  At the result, Gamemakerlab has learned about this version carefully and written tutorials.  Those are early guides of Gamemaker Studio 2 on the internet.Clearly, Gamemakerlab is not affiliated with YoYo Games. We are a team having a lot of members who love games.

So, don’t hesitate any longer to register and become a one of great Gamemaker lab’s members. Having many benefit for users. By the way, Gamemakerlab have developed by a lot of members who are really enjoy learning and creating game through many programs such as Unity, Gamemaker Studio ..etc. In the near future, Gamemaker Lab wants to build game community gathering game developers, beginners and who enjoy it.