Part 1: Introducing - Pong Game

Pong Game

Welcome to gamemakerlab! Today, gamemakerlab will guide to create a simple and classical game. It is pong game which is popular in the 80s of the 20th century. By these simple moves and rules, this game had attracted the attention of a wide audience.

In this game, we will use mainly the Javascript language to create. Now we will start to make a completed game.

Step 1: Create a text file

On desktop, you should click into right mouse. After that select new -> Folder. Don’t forget to rename,

Right click to select new -> folder. In this tutorial, we will rename as Pong Game.

Then, in the created folder, right click and select new -> Text Document

Step 2: Show up all file extensions in your operating system

To show the extension of files, you select View on menu tab -> click into file name extension. After that you will see the expansion of file as “txt”. On the other hand, if you cannot open by this way, you have to search “how to show file extension” through Google search tool.

The file extensions will be used in next steps.

Step 3: Open text file in any Typical Browers

We will rename file “Text Document” as “game” by right click and select rename

After that you will open the notepad and type any words such as tuhoclamgame and press combination keys “Ctrl +S” to save this content. You will see it in the opening Brower.

Step 4: Using HTML in the file and change the file extension

Right click into “game.txt”, rename the file extension “txt” to “html”. The banner will be showed up, choose “yes” to complete process. Reload web page, content will be changed.

Step 5: Adding a script block to implement javascript string.

Between 2 script tags, we will pull a javascript string as below image:  

You can see the adding text at outside of