Chapter 1: Ninja Girl Run

How to make the character moving left, right by pressing the left right keyboard. Plus, when moving, the sprite images will change also. If we release the key pressing, the character will stop moving.

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Step 1: Create a new GameMaker Game Project and Name it as Ninja Girl Run

Step 2: Download Ninja Girl images sprites and game backgrounds if you dont have them yet

Step 3: Create 4 sprites for the Ninja Girl :



On Gamemaker studio, Right click on Sprite folder to create a new sprite (or click on create new sprite icon) and name it as spr_ninja_girl_idle.
Load 10 images of ninja girl iddle to this sprite and we will have something like this

Sprite Moving Gamemaker tutorials

This idle animation is only for the right. When we, release the right key press, so the eyes of the ninja girl will look to the right. We need to do the same for the idle left when we release the left key press, the ninja girl has to look to the left side.


On Gamemaker studio sprite folder, Right click on spr_ninja_girl_idle to let the popup tool displayed and select duplicate. We will copy the same images of spr_ninja_girl_idle by copying them to the new sprite and name the new sprite as spr_ninja_girl_idle_left.

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Then click on spr_ninja_idle_left (1), and click Edit Sprite (2) to open Sprite Editor to edit images to make all the images turn the eyes to the left side.
On Sprite Editor Menu, Click on Tranform (3) and select Mirror/Flip (4) to ready to Mirror the images - make the ninja girl look to the left side.

Flip Step Sprite Editor Gamemaker  
The Mirror/Flip Image Box Popup Displayed. Tick on the Mirror Horizontally and Apply to all the image in the sprite (5) then click OK  (6) to finish the Mirror Image.

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After that we will have the list of images sprite spr_ninja_girl_iddle_left like this

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Do the same steps above to create two more sprites spr_ninja_girl_run and spr_ninja_girl_run_left

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