• Coding Drag & Drop Objects with Game Maker Tutorial
Coding Drag & Drop Objects with Game Maker Tutorial

Coding Drag & Drop Objects with Game Maker Tutorial 

Today gamemaker tutorials lab will help you to create a simple mini game drag and drop. You will use the mouse click to select the circle object and drag it to the color boxes. Then, you will release the mouse in order to allow the circle change the color based on the color box that you dropped it on.

Step 1: Download 1 white cirle and 6 sample color boxes includes gray, green, yellow, red, violet, and sky (light blue). All images are in png format. 

Step 2: Create a new game maker project and name it as Drag-Drop

Step 3: In this drag drop gamemaker tutorial, we need two sprites. Create 2 new sprites and name it as spr_circle and spr_colors

Step 4: Load image circle.png into spr_circle

Step 5: Load 6 images red.png, violet.png, yellow.png, gray.png, green.png and sky.png into spr_colors sprite

Simple drag drop objects gamemaker tutorial

Done for sprite creating part.

Step 6: This Easy Drag and Drop Gamemaker tutorial needs 1 object obj_circle and 6 color box objects obj_red_box, obj_sky_box, obj_green_box, obj_gray_box, obj_vilolet_box, obj_yellow_box. Create those 7 objects and name them as mentioned above.

Simple Drag Drop GameMaker Tutorial

Step 7: Double click on obj_circle object add events, actions for it.

Step 8: To be able  to drag and drop this obj_circle in the game, we need 4 Basic Events Create, Event Step, Event Left Button, Event Glob Left Released and 6 Collision Events with color boxes.

Simple Drag Drop Object GameMaker Studio


John Williams

step by step. it's so easy to get. good job!

5/16/2016 9:13:47 AM

it's easy to learn and get it

5/17/2016 3:20:45 AM