Create Sprites for Drag Drop Object GameMaker Tutorials

Coding Drag & Drop Objects with Game Maker Tutorial Part 1: Create Sprites

Step 1: Download 1 white cirle and 6 sample color boxes includes gray, green, yellow, red, violet, and sky (light blue). All images are in png format. 

Game Maker How to code drag and drop object

Step 2: Create a new game maker project and name it as Drag-Drop

Step 3: In this drag drop gamemaker tutorial, we need two sprites. Create 2 new sprites and name it as spr_circle and spr_colors

Step 4: Load image circle.png into spr_circle

Step 5: Load 6 images red.png, violet.png, yellow.png, gray.png, green.png and sky.png into spr_colors sprite

Simple drag drop objects gamemaker tutorial

Done for sprite creating part.

Step 6: This Easy Drag and Drop Gamemaker tutorial needs 1 object obj_circle and 6 color box objects obj_red_box, obj_sky_box, obj_green_box, obj_gray_box, obj_vilolet_box, obj_yellow_box. Create those 7 objects and name them as mentioned above.

Simple Drag Drop GameMaker Tutorial