GameMaker: Studio tutorial for beginners

Developing a game for Android can be difficult and time consuming. Fortunately, YoYo Games has created a tool that allows everyone, from complete novices to seasoned developers, to create Android games in an easier way than using Android Studio. The only downside is the price, the Android Module is $299.99, and to use it GameMaker: Studio pro is required, which is $150. But with the recent Humble Bundle deal, GameMaker: Studio pro and the Android module could be had for $12. Keeping that in mind, here is an overview of GM: Studio and how to make a simple game. This tutorial is not Android specific, and can be applied to any operating system with little to no modification. Let’s get started.

What is GameMaker?


GameMaker is a tool for users to make their own games, created in 1999, the tool has had great success in letting people make amazing content. But until 2012 when GameMaker: Studio came out, users could only develop for Windows and OS X. With the release of GameMaker: Studio, YoYo Games added a bunch of modules that allow development from desktop operating systems to Android, iOS and Tizen. GameMaker and GameMaker: Studio both have a drag and drop interfaces that make game development fairly easy. If a developer wants to get more technical then GameMaker has its own language known as GML that allows for infinite possibilities.

In the next post, Gamemaker will guide you how to setting up GameMaker: Studio for Android. Don't forget follow gamemakerlab to get more useful information.