Game Maker Tutorial First Step

With Game maker you can learn how to create your own video games. This gamemaker tutorial teaches you how to use GameMaker to build games. Gamemaker is super easy to learn and build, let try it and you can create your first game in the next 7 minutes.

Game Maker Tutorials

Game Maker Lab wants to create the largest library and collection of tutorials about game maker development/tips/codes using GameMaker tool to create games. You will find a lot of gamemaker tutorials to study and make your game development process faster.

Game Maker Tutorials First Step

Pacman game style is the very first mini game you should know how to create it before you are going further. Your character will move up/down/left/right following your up/down/left/right keyboard you press. Just make it simple like that. But first, you have to know how to download the gamemaker tool to make game (If you already know how/ installed gamemaker on your computer you can keep these steps).

Step 1: You need the tool IDE to create a game - Download Gamemaker Studio Free here
Step 2: Install the Game Maker Studio Free to your computer
Step 3: Run gamemaker/ create a new project by clicking on a New Tab, name the Project Name as MyFirstGameMakerTutorial then click on Create Button

My First Game Maker Tutorial

Step 4: You will see the full gamemaker IDE. Look at the left directory you will see a lot of folders. Right now we just focus on Sprites, Backgrounds, Objects, Rooms

GameMaker IDE  

Tip: What is sprites/objects/rooms in GameMaker? there are thoundsand explain on the internet, you can just google it to understand more. Here to make it simple to understand, Game Maker Lab wants you to remember sprite in gamemaker is like images/skins for your characters. Objects contain events, actions and need sprites to show up. Then we put the objects to the rooms and we have our game. 

Step 5: Create a new sprite.


Step by step. thank so useful

5/13/2016 4:15:28 AM

great job!

5/17/2016 4:07:42 AM
Billy smart

Loved the tutorial. It was really interesting. Thanks again for the tutorial. You do great work with these.

5/18/2016 3:48:26 AM

" Gamemaker is super easy to learn and build, let try it and you can create your first game in the next 7 minutes " . i am trying !! ^^

5/19/2016 8:30:43 AM

i downloaded Gamemaker Studio. Then Following step by step. thank you for your tutorial.

5/20/2016 7:22:43 AM