Introducing Gamemaker Studio 2

As you know, on 11/3/2016, YOYOGAMES had published the version 2 of Gamemaker Studio. This is probably a great new for us who want to build a new game, learn about gamemaker Studio or enjoy creating games.

In general, The Gamemaker Studio II has a lot of difference when we compare it with the first version

First of all, the biggest difference is the user interface.  According to the preliminary research, almost users who have used both versions said that having the significant change in the new version. The Gamemaker Studio II has great and perfect interface, easy using. This is one of the most important elements in order to attract users around the world.

Besides, when we learn about Gamemaker Studio II, we realize that it has many changes about features including: drag- drop, editors, scripts and workspace.

Specially, drag – drop probably has a big adjustment of features. It is highly appreciated because of useful addition. By using drag-drop, user can create a new game without coding. In comparison with the Gamemaker Studio I, this version was invested carefully by YOYOGAMES. It has supported for users significantly. With beginners, Gamemaker Studio II is a great choice to start.

On the other hand, gamemaker studio II was added editor feature which is really useful for users. By this feature, users can edit images, sprites, tileset and room effectively. It is the attraction making the success of Gamemaker 2.

One of great advantages of Gamemaker Studio II is the “Multiple workspaces”. It is called “multiple workspaces”. However, we have only 1 space working and to be able to open a lot of spaces on it. It means that users will easy to use, adjust working spaces. 

 About pricing, in order to use a perfect version 2 of Gamemaker Studio, Users have to spend a remarkable cost around 99.99 usd/ version. It is only an estimates figure which was applied to desktop used operating system including: Window, Mac and Linux. Obviously, the others devices will be applied higher costs. It depends on type of devices such as website, UWP, Mobile and others.

However, having good information for users who used to buy the Gamemaker Studio 1, Yoyogames will give priority those to upgrade new version with preferential treatment. The upgrading price for desktop is about $59.99 (be discounted 40%/ original price)

Morever, Users can use the trial version of Gamemaker Studio II to get experience. Obviously, it has not enough features of original version and users can not export completed files.

In conclusion,Gamemaker Studio 2 has many advantages in comparison with the old version objectively. By supports, it will help user to create or build a game such as useful interface, drag-drop to create games or design and edit images, sprites, tileset or room which have made inspiration and attracted users