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Create a Ninja Girl RPG game from scratch with gamemaker tutorials.

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These gamemaker tutorials are written for every one from beginners to gamemaker masters who want to learn some new methods to create video, mobile games.

There's lot of scripts, tips, examples to shares. We hope you enjoy and find some useful information to help you create more games! So please leave us some feedbacks or request about any gamemaker tutorials, difficult scripts, bugs so we can discuss and get it done with you!

Are you ready to build this game?

For those who never tried  to make video games before but really want to learn and build so please go for these baby steps first to get familiar with the Gamemaker Studio Free tool User Interface --> Go to this how to download gamemaker and test the Gamemaker Tools to study about this one first before you want to go any further.

In the game screen above, you see the ninja girl character with the moutain background. Well, we will need images for that so please download them first 

Ninja Girl Sprites
Platform Background

(these ninja girls & background images owned by gameart2D -

Ok, when you downloading the gameassets, read this very 1st simple game maker assignment we have to make it done

Make the ninja girl moving left, right and stop with animation (means the character will change images following the actions)


Hint for beginners: Try this Simple Moving gamemaker tutorials how to make object moving left, right, up and down by pressing the keyboards events 


Lily Rainbow

Sound likes simple! i will try !

5/17/2016 3:25:47 AM

i get it. thank you so much !

5/17/2016 3:36:07 AM

Really interesting post am gonna implement all of it right away

5/18/2016 3:45:24 AM
Billy smart

Thanks for Sharing. Nice Post.Keep it Up.

5/18/2016 3:47:33 AM
Paddy mango

Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Very clear to understand. I used this program at school

5/18/2016 4:01:30 AM
Oliver Brown

wow! well done. everyone could make a game. It's really simple to make it.

5/19/2016 6:25:07 AM

i had never thought that i could make a game. and then i saw your sharing information, made it step by step! Make the ninja girl moving left, right and stop with animation. it's so interested

5/19/2016 6:32:53 AM

my daughter could make it. She said that " she could make a ninja girl character.".Wow! amazing tutorial

5/20/2016 7:11:25 AM