• Part 1: Deal or No Deal mini Game
Part 1: Deal or No Deal mini Game

Part 1: Introduction

Now, I will introduce about a new game. Its name is “ Deal or No Deal”. This game will have 2 Player.

In the first and the second play, Player will choose a present for them. Each Present corresponds to 1 figure. With 2 initial plays, Players don’t know about figure on their Present.


                       Image 1: The first Play


                      Image 2: The second Play

Then, each player will choose consecutive 3 presents. This time, the player will know his present just selected corresponding to public figure. Point of Player will be calculated, after they had selected their present. Players can choose Yes to retrieve scores and compared with the scores of other players. Or select No to continue other plays.  We have only 26 present corresponding to 26 numbers. So, the game will be finished after we open all 26 numbers or players choose Yes to compare scores and finish the game.

. Winner: the player who was the highest point will be won.

. This is just a demo version. So, it maybe has some mistakes.


                     Image 3: The first Player choose Present


Part 2:  Step by Steps to build “Deal or No Deal” game

Step 1: Create Background for game.

You can optionally create a custom background or depending on your mindset. Here, I will create background on Christmas.


                        Image 4: Game’s Background

Step 2: Create both side of game’s serial number.

1.    Create -> Create Empty -> Rename

2.    Create left serial numbers. Create -> 3D Object -> 3D Text -> Rename using Money

3.    Besides that, you should put number into another image to recognize.


Image 5: Left Serial Number



                       Image 6: Initialize the object and the name

1.   4.  Making the same steps to create a right serial Number



Step 3: Create Game’s Object

1.    This Object is a bag, a pen or the others. Because when you click to Object, it will open 1 corresponding figure. You could get Asset at Unity’s home page

2.    When you have Objects, you should drag and drop it into scene. It depends on your choice.

Caution: You should to manage your Objects, scene, script and model in each folder. That will support your management. Beside that Game object should be saved in separate item to easy management.


                                 Image 8: Game Object

3.    Manage game object in drag rows and drop it into scene.


                           Image 9: Game object in the Hiearachy

Note: Named separate Objects.Example: Teddybear1 differ Candy-Cane1

We will continue with the second part of tutorial which guides you how you make Deal or No Deal mini Game. We hope that you finish the first part to do next step. 


Wow, I will try to make this game...

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