Chapter 1: Gold Rush Game

Today, Gamemaker will give new special tutorial to our reader. Have you known or played Gold Rush Game? we guess that it is not unfamiliar with both of us.

Accordingly, this tutorial is built by game developer of Gamemakerlab. They have completed Gold Rush Game. And now, Are you ready to create this game? Let make it together.

Part 1: Create Prefabs for game                                     

Step 1: Drag and drop sprite into scene.


 Image1.  Drag Sprite and drop into Scene      

Image 2.  Add Component Circle Collider 2D

Step 2 : After that we add Component -> Collider 2D

Step 3: Continuously, drag object which is just created into Prefabs folder in order to manage it easily.

Step 4: Make same steps with the other Objects

Note: Towards Object hook and fishing line, we will do as the following:

Step 1: Drag hook sprite into scene and do as Fefab

Step 2: Drag fishing line sprite to scene

 Step 3: In the Heirarchy, Create it like this image:


                                    Image 3: All of objects in this game

Make sure that you follow and do right way step by steps. In the next tutorial, Gamemakerlab will guide to do the rest of game.

So, don't forget subcribe Gamemakerlab website and fanpage to get more information.