Part 5: Changing Source Image in Unity

In this lesson, we will learn how to change Source Image in Unity with Gamemakerlab’s guide.

Following more details information as below and make it step by step: 

In the Hierarchy area, select Image, in the Image (Script) area, notice in Source Image line, on the right side, click in the circle avatar with dot in it. A Select Sprite window will show up, choose Sprite just created.

Note: If you have too many sprite and you can't (or different to) find which sprite you want, you can use the Search tool (the magnifying glass symbol) in the Select Sprite area.


\Changing source image in unity


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In the final part, Gamemakerlab will guide how to change Scene in Unity. Which a game has a lot of level, this step is necessary. If you want to get more lesson, click into below link:


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