Create Color Jump Game by Unity

Surely, all of us are familiar with Color Switch Game. It seems famous game on game mobile social network. As the result, Gamemakerlab will guide you to create a similar game. It named as Color Jump.

Section 1: Setup
1.    Create a new project 3D with Unity
2.    Download and import this package ( )
3.    Change to 2 by 3 layout
4.    In Scene panel, select 2D
5.    Delete Directional Light (we have no light)
6.    At Game Panel, Click on dropdown component and select cross button to add new item, change label to 9x16, width & height to 720 and 1280
7.    Select Main Camera on the Hierarchy and set position to (0,0,-1),
8.    At Camera Component set Clear Flags to Solid Color, Background to #34495EFF, Projection to Orthographic, Size to 5.1
9.    Save scene to Main.unity


Section 2: Player
1.    In the Hierarchy panel, create a new 2D Object > Sprite and rename to Player
2.    Set Tag to Player
3.    At Sprite Renderer set Sprite to player sprite by circle-selection
4.    Change Transform to Position (0,-2,0), Scale (0.03,0.03,1);
5.    Click Add Component > Physics 2D > Rigidbody 2D and set Gravity Scale to 0
6.    Add Component > Circle Collider 2D and check Is Trigger

7.    Select Player script at Assets/Scripts, drag and drop to Player Game Object
8.    Set Color 1 to #F44336FF, Color 2 to #FFEB3BFF, Color 3 to #2196F3FF, Color 4 to #4CAF50FF
9.    Save Scene

You have just done inital steps to create a color jump game. In the next tutorial, Gamemakerlab will guide the rest of steps.

Keep reading and trying to make it.