Part 2:Creating image in the Hierarchy window

In this lesson, we will learn how to create project in Unity with Gamemakerlab’s guide.

Following more details information as below:

To create image, in the Hierarchy window, choose Create -> UI -> Image.


creating image in the Hierarchy window


Note: Not only Image but also the UI elements have to be inside canvas (the white border of rectangle in the below picture) to appear in the game screen. If you see Image created outside, you will use moving tool to drag and drop it into canvas.


creating imge in the Hierarchy window


To change the size of images which are just created, press the Scale button like the image below -> Choose Image -> left click and hold the image corner to change size


creating image in the Hierarchy window


Change size of image to fill the size of canvas like the below picture (fill all the space of the white rectangle).


 creating image in the Hierarchy window


Gamemakerlab hopes that learners can do it well following lesson. By the way, don’t forget to access the below link to get next part or look back the prevous part of this tutorial at:

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