Part 1: Creating project in the Unity

Welcome back! Today, we will learn how to create project in Unity with Gamemakerlab’s guide

To create project in the Unity, select 2D Mode and name it as Project_3LanesDefender or others which you want

creating project in the Unity


Firstly, we could need 2 Scenes including: SplashScene and MainMenu

Once of them likes a room of game, the other be used to keep others play screens or button ( play, quit, option.etc). If a game has a lot of level, we could create each level in a separate Scence

To create a Scene, in the Project like the below picture, choose Create->Scene and name it as SplashScence



creating project in the Unity


Do the same to create MainMenu Scene.


creating project in the Unity


As the image above, Scenes were converted into only 1 Folder Scenes (Create -> Folder) and renamed and arranged following serial number to manage easily.

Double click into Scene SplashScene to convert into Scene.

To know which Scene be chosen, you can look into Hierarchy window on the top (like the above image).

Under the Scene name is GameObject, as know as the objects in that room. When we create a Scene in Unity 2D, it has a Main Camera as default. This is also GameObject which create our view in game.


creating project in the Unity


Gamemakerlab hopes that learners can do it well following lesson. By the way, don’t forget to access the below link to get next part of this tutorial:

Part 2:Creating image in the Hierarchy window