• Find number game tutorial (Part 1)
Find number game tutorial (Part 1)

Today, we will introduce about a mini game which will be created to using on Tablet. Its name as “Find Number”.

Rules of Game: we have 2 number tables which are included same numbers. To get points in this game, Player should pick the right continuous numbers in the order in the next game, starting from 1 to 50. The winner is the person to find the most variety of numbers. To ensure that the winner should do to find the number 50, I got it.

Part 1: Create Project

          1. Starting the Unity, create 2D project which has name depend on your choice. In here, Its name is Find Number


2. Select layout 2 by 3 to easy working

3. Using below link  to download Unity-package:


4. Import package into your Project

5. In Game, we will select  screen which has size as 4:3

6. Select Camera. In camera Component, we will set Background as #0000FF

7. Save scene, its name as Main.unity 

Part2: Num game Object

            1. In the Hierarchy, we will create a UI>Canvas GameObject, its name as Number

2.               2. In Canvas Component, we default that Render Mode is World Space

1.               3. In Canvas Scaler Component, We will set Reference Pixels Per Unit equal to 1

2.               4. In the Rect Transform, Pos = (0,0,0); Width = Height = 100

                 Scale (0.005,0.005,1)


1. Right click into Number, select UI -> Select Image Game Object (GameObject is using to paint background color for number)

2. Right click into Number, we will select UI -> select Text GameObject (GameObject is used to display the value of Number)

3. In the Hierarchy, we will choose Text into Number Game Object

4. In the Rect Tranform Component, we just set the value respectively as Pos (0,0,0); Width: Height (100,100); Rotation (0,0,90)

5. In the Text Component, set Text: 4 4 ( we can easily observe)

6. Using cycle-select button in order to choose Font  as College Block

7. Set Alignment is Horizontal Center and Vertical Center

8. Check Best Fit

1. In the Hierarchy, we will drag Number GameObject to Folder Prefabs

2.           2. In the Hierarchy, we just delete the Number

3.           3. Don’t remember that you need to save scene

      In the next tutorial, we will learn Part 2. Add background, end game sprite and fancy things.



This tutorial reminds me of the time my students.

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