Find number game tutorial (Part 3)

Part 6: Audio and Play Again

1.                     1.  In the Hierarchy, we will select the GameManager, adding Audio Source Component.

     2. In the Audio Source, using cycle-select button to choose Firefly for AudioClip, check Loop.

3. In the Hierarchy, choose Create UI -> Canvas

4. In the Canvas Scaler Conponent of Canvas, set Ui Scale Mode to Scale With Screen Size

5. Right click into Canvas to choose UI. Then, we select Button and rename as PlayAgain

6. Open PlayAgain, select Text. In the Text Component of Text,  rename as  Play Again

7. Set Rotation to PlayAgain GameObject as (0,0,90)

8. Click to PlayAgain GameObject. At the Button (Script) Component, we are adding a item ( Adding Button) to On Click List  ()

9. Using cycle-select button to select GameManager GameObject as toward GameObject.

10. Open Dropdown Funtion and select MakeGame > Replay()

11. Save scene

Part 7: Build on android BackGround

1. Download the Android SDK

2. Installing Android SDK Build Tool 20 to build this application.

3. Click on File > Select Build Setting ( or using key combination Ctrl + Shift + B)

4. Select Operation Syt

5.  Android Operation System

6. Click Switch Platform.

7. Click Player Setting. In the Resolution and Presentation, we just check to check Landscape Left for Allowed Orientation

8. In Other Setting, We adjust bundle Identifier to com.yourcompany.yourname such as: com.ferya.rintran

9. Turn back Scenes. In the Build, we click to Add Curent in order to add Scene Main  into App

10. Click Build and select location to save output file ( if we receive requirement Android SDK, we should link into folder)

    11. Now, we could install and play. 

Now, you know how to make Find number game. Let's enjoy it. See you in the next tutorial.