Part 4: Import resource into Project

In this lesson, we will know how to Import resource into Project. This is a important step in the Unity when Learners want to create a completed game.

Rightnow, our Image is just a white screen, so we will need a picture to make it more good-looking. You can use any picture you want, or you can download the below picture.



Drag and drop your image into the Project area of Unity, this action is called Import resources (Image) into project.



After finish the previous step, you can see your recent image which you just-drag appear into the Project area, look at the left will have a small triangle symbol.

If you don't see that symbol, it means Unity still not recognize your image what you just Import.

Click in image, on the right side, the Inspector area will appear, select Texture Type -> Sprite (2D and UI).

Press Apply, Unity will create a Sprite based on your image.


Hoping that you shoud make this lesson successfully. If you want to get more information, accessing the below links to get more information:

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