• Create a simple game mini map by the Unity
Create a simple game mini map by the Unity


I. Introduce

Today, we will learn how to create a simple mini map for game. You will create  simple mini map step by step.

1.   1. Benefit  and classify mini map

We have 2 simple minimaps which is usually used depending on the perspective in the game. It includes: top-down minimap and similar-minimap (minimap congruent with main map).



Often used for first and third game perspective, and can call a local map names.

Advantages: Adding lacking perspective, vivid, changing depend on the vision of the character which is the central character.


Disadvantages: localized, does not contain sufficient information entire game map.

Often used for gaming with top-down view and may call for a global map name.

Advantages: congruent with the main map, showing the full information from the appropriate map to find your way game and strategy game.

Disadvantages: less vivid, static map, not to change the view of the character.

1.   2. Requirement

-  The Unity: using the unity 5. upward

-  Degree of difficulty: Beginner

-  Knowledge: basic math coordinates, has ever played the game. Knowing the basic structure of unity is an advantage.

In this guide we will all create a game model to implement a simple top-down map:

1.   II. Step by steps Guide

      1. Overview Knowledge :

-  Game includes:

    • Player: a ball is rolling moving on the plane.
    • Obstacles: the cube object fixed on a flat surface:
    • Ground: The liver is a single plane.
    • Main Camera: The main camera shows the first view of player and player motion.
    • Top down camera: camera placed on top of the player and the player moving in the minimap used to create perspective.
    • Raw image: image containing perspective of top-down camera, used to display it on the game as a minimap.


Main scene view:

          Top-down-scene view



          Game view: the first perspective


             It is easy to implement.

             Now, you have a overall view about simple game mini map. In the next tutorial, we will learn how to create a simple game mini map by the Unity.