Part 3: Solving problems when image is changed

 As you know, when we change image of game, some problems will appear. As the result, Gamemakerlab will solving problems when image is changed.

After finish the previous step, we have a fullscreen Image, but it has a problem when we try to change .

In Game (like the picture as below), click in the "Free Aspect" button and choose other resolutions (like 1280x720 in the below picture). If you can't find the resolution you need, you can create your own resolution by click in the plus symbol in the bottom.


 solving problems when image is changed


In the above image, we can see our Image not cover fullscreen like before.

The problem comes from a feature of Unity when we create a UI element, this element will be auto resized to compatible with different devices (which have different resolutions).

This change depend on the position of Anchor (picture below).In this case, objects will have Anchor set in the center (middle center) as default, and image will be resized depending on this position.



 solvingproblems when image is changed


Choose Image -> Click in the Anchor avatar -> select stretch-stretch like the below image.


solving problems when image is changed


After select Anchor, doing again the step resized the Image the fullscreen. Then, We should try to change other resolution, you will see Image also change it is shape and it always covers fullscreen.

In the next part, we will guide you how to import resource into Project. To get more useful knowledge about the next part or the previous part, please access link as below:


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