• TANKS Game tutorial unity - based on Tanks Unity Video Tutorial
TANKS Game tutorial unity - based on Tanks Unity Video Tutorial


Today, we will make a small interesting game project which is a antagonistic game. This game will be played by 2 player using only one keyboard which uses the Unity3D Engine. In addition, I show up what you will get at a picture on below.

Gamemaker tutorial will guide step by step to create this game. Following all of steps, it is really simple than you think. 

Part 1: Create Project and Setup 

Create Project 

Please start Unity to create new Project (it depends your choice). However, we recommend that you should use Tanks to unity. Don’t forget to choose 3D for your Project which you created.

Setup Project

According to requirement, the Project was created by Unity 3D 5.2 and over. If you don’t have a new Unity version, you could download it at link on below:


Into Window -> open Asset Store ( or press a key combination Ctrl + 9). This is Asset Library of Unity. It includes free thing or not free of charge.  You should search “Tanks” and select "Tanks! Tutorial". Then, you just download and import it into Project.

Using "2 by 3" layout  to work easily with Unity. 

Scene setup


1. Into File> select Save Scene as, name it as Main and save it at Assets/Scenes folder.

2. Into the Hierarchy, you will delete Directional Light object. In a little while, we shall have suitable light more than.

3. Drag Level Art and drop it into the Hierarchy


1. Into Window > Select Lighting and Drag and put it beside Inspector. 

2. At the bottom  of  Scene Tab, uncheck Auto.

3. Uncheck Backed GI

4. Set up Real time Resolution 0.5

5. Change Ambient Source from Skybox to Color

6. Setup Ambient Color variable ( 72, 62, 113 , 225)

7. Click Build  into Lighting panel


1. Turn back Inspector panel 

2. change Position of Main Camera ( -43, 42, -25 ) 

3. Change its Rotation to ( 40, 60, 0 ) 

4. Into Camera component change Projection  to Orthographic

5. Change Clear Flags from Skybox to Solid Color 

6. Change Background color to ( 80, 60, 50 ) 

7. Save your scene!


Amazing, Ready to make tank game.

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Its really useful!

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